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About Me


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Hello! My name is Rusheika Terry, but Please call me Sheika or Terry! Welcome to Terry’s Sensational Cakes!

I create delicious cakes and treats for all occasions. I am originally from Florida; however, I now reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I am mom to 3 spectacular children, and a wife to wonderfully supportive and patience husband (very patient!).


My passion for cakes started on my daughters first birthday.  I decided to make the cake myself and it came out horrible. Also, to make matters worse, I dropped the cake while carrying it to the table (SMH). Determined to make it up to my daughter, I began to practice making cakes for my friends and their children. Eventually, I fell in love with decorating cakes and I was blessed to get a job at a Big Grocery Store where I learned how to decorate cakes with speed and grace. I quit my job and began making custom cakes from home. This allowed me to be more creative and take bigger risk with my cakes. Business was starting grow, but before it could take off, my family and I had to move to Texas for my husband’s job.

​Due to the relocation, I decided to get a job at Albertsons Grocery Store as a 5 Star Cake Decorator. Albertson’s gave me the creative freedom to do everything I wanted from an artist’s perspective. Within a couple of months, the cake sales quadruple and we become the number 1 bakery in the district. After 4 years of working for Albertsons, I decided to quit my job to pursue my dream of owning my own Cake business. I work extremely hard to design delicious custom cakes and treats for you!

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